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BPO Sector - Employee Salaries



BPO Employee Salaries

   There are many factors that are to be addressed before one takes a decision to outsource. Some key factors considered are said to be:





38 %

Proficiency in language

22 %

Industry expertise

18 %

Technology / Infrastructure

9 %

Time zone

5 %


4 %


1 %

    Infrastructure cost is a one time expense. The recurring costs are basically power, telecommunications and house keeping.  Then the Salaries constitute major part of the cost.

    Large number of Junior level executives, though they draw a salary of Rs 6,000-9,000  the salary bill rise to few millions of rupees.

    There are no standard salary figures that are readily available. They change from company to company and process to process.

 Contact centers

    Customer Care Representatives [CSRs] or Call centre agents, or process executives:  Pay scales range from Rs.6, 000 -9,000. With 1-2 year experience they move to 8,000 -15,000 bracket.

   Team Leaders draw Rs 17,000 - 26,000 per month

   Trainers: Rs 200,000 - Rs 500,000 per annum

   Managers: Rs. 300,000 - Rs 550,000 per annum

   Training Managers: Rs 500,000 - Rs 800,000 per annum

   Training Heads: Rs 800,000 – Rs 1200,000 per annum

   An employee in a voice call center costs about 15% more than in a non-voice center.

  Medical Transcription

   Medical transcription: Compensation may vary from Rs. 6–7000 for a normal graduate to about Rs. 12-14,000 for doctors.

   Quality control personnel get between Rs 10-18,000.

 Legal Transcription

    Legal transcription: One needs to be a law graduate. Pay scales range from Rs. 5-7,500 in the entry level.  This area is yet to pick up momentum.


    With so many computers all over the place the demand for Network Administrators has increased and generally Network administrators are expected to have some experience. People with 2-3 years get around Rs.12-15,000. Fresh employees, right out of college, may get around Rs 5-6,000

   The demand for Financial and HR executives is also on the rise. Financial process executives seem to be drawing in the range from Rs. 9-10,000 and   HR executives in entry level draw between Rs.7-9,000.

   In 2004, overall salary increases for outsourcing suppliers were:

Senior/top management: 14.2 percent

Manager: 14.5 percent

Professional/supervisor/technical: 14.8 percent

Clerical and support: 15 percent

    The salary increases in 2005 seems to be upward, though some companies feel that higher salary bill coupled with reduced margins due to competition forces them to consider the salary bill carefully. However it is expected that salaries may go upward by an average of 12-15 percent across processes

    However the major problem is the attrition of people. Best people often quit.   And then the companies prefer to take in fresh talent and train them.  Some companies prefer to groom their Team leaders as these people would have worked for 3-4 years (if the company manages to retain them!!) and have complete understanding of the company culture, and the work.



    Almost all the companies promote or change the designations every 6 months. But the problem is still the growth. When a twenty years old joins a company as Contact Center    representative, becomes a team leader by 24. The hierarchy is not much in call centers. Hence one is expected to   have exposure to more than one process so that they can move along horizontally across the domains of knowledge/processes.

    Some times attrition is considered as blessing in disguise as there is growth for some employees and there will be need to recruit more people.

    Generally it is felt that even though the entry level salaries are quite good, growth is a matter of concern. But then it is the individual’s choice to work where and how long!


    The companies need to retain good people and it is still worth it to pay higher for the performers through some performance incentives. And then one needs to have fallback option if the best people resign.  The sustainability of the companies needs to address the ever increasing salary bill.

 PS:   If any one has any objection to this article, may write to us to help compile and correct the data.