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Tips for BPO / ITES Job Applicants




   This sector consists of two different streams - BPO & ITES. All kinds of data processing or Back office functions can be classified under BPO. And all contact centers (also called Call Centers) involve with customers directly – either outbound calls or Inbound calls.

   BPOS are mainly for Accounts processing, Medical transactions, legal transaction processing etc.

   Contact centers can be further classified as Voice based & Non voice based contact centers and/or Email processing.

   Before joining the band wagon on BPO/ITES, study the industry and requirements. Think of future growth opportunities.  Draw growth charts for various lines of professions you may enter. Choose the one that suits you more and the one that you are going to enjoy the most.

The requirement of personnel is each area is as follows:


Call center

Communication , Language skills , accent

Basic computing skills

Working in  team /leadership

Date search And  Integration

Computing Skills


Analytical skills

Human Resource Services

Country specific HR policies, rules and regulations


Translation, medical transcription etc

Language understanding

Basic computing (word processing knowledge)

Understanding of various medical terminologies for Medical transcription or legal terms for Legal transcriptions etc

Finance and accounting

International/ country specific accounting rules

Exposure to various  Accounting Software packages



What is evaluated?

    If you are applying for BPO, one shall be aware of the process involved in that particular area. If you are applying for Accounting BPO, you are likely to be evaluated in Accounting entries and financial statements.  In Accounting Entries, be thorough with debit, credit and Trial balances. In Financial statements, you shall be thorough with profit & loss statements, Balance sheets, depreciation etc.

    In Medical Transaction processing, it helps to know about clinical trial data dealing with Pulse, Heartbeat, BP, Diseases etc.

    Evaluation in Contact center is much more elaborate as you may be handling outbound calls to sell products/services or attending inbound calls for customer support etc.  As the candidates aspiring for the contact centers are huge, every company practically has a test/Assessment. This test is likely to cover the following sections:

               Quantitative Ability

Verbal Ability

Attention to Detail / Mental application

Paragraph Typing

Form Field Entry

Listening Comprehension

Speaking Skills / Extempore Speech

Listen & Repeat Sounds

Email Writing

Hence prepare yourself in the following:

Numerical & Analytical ability, Percentage, Profit & Loss, Proportions

Grammar and Reading Comprehension

Attention to Details, Rule based processing

Typing test – see & Type or Listen & Type

Enter data in a scanned paper form onto fields on the PC

Listen to a native English Speaker and answer questions based on the conversation

Accent and Voice Clarity

Fluency and Grammar

Ability to hear and produce sounds

Composing an email for a given business scenario


    Be prepared for the paper & pencil test or an online test covering some or all the above. Some companies have a telephone kiosk, where you are supposed to go in and dial a given number. The person on the other side talks to you and decides whether, you have the required voice skills or you are trainable.

    If you are applying for Voice based job, do not forget to watch the relevant TV channels or listen to various tapes & CDs. Mother tongue influence plays a major role and try to neutralize the same as mush as possible. The more you correct yourself, better and sooner you get a job.



    Actually resume does not play major role for entry level. Every company will test you and train you in the areas they are into. Hence put in your details and indicate if you are good in extra curricular activities. 

    If you are applying for team lead, you will be checked for leadership skills and aptitude to manage teams, and your sensitivity to individuals.



   You are fresh from college and entering a corporate world. Most often you need to follow certain dress code as indicated by company. It may be useful to check with the current employees about the type of dress code.  In the contact center line, wearing Jeans may not be an objection!

   If you are applying for inbound calls/customer support, you will be tested in your telephone etiquette, attending to angry customers etc.

     If you are applying for out-bound sales, you will be checked for good communication, convincing marketing skills, Accent etc.

   If you are referred by HR consultants, they will brief you about the test and Interview.

   You can prepare by just listening and practicing talking in accent with American or British emphasis.  You can try to improve your accent, but, as the test is generally not automated, it is of subjecting nature, depending on the person who is listening to you. There are efforts to automate the test and till that time, do not get disappointed. Don’t worry if some company has not selected you, someone else is looking for you.