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Losing Employees?

    Attrition is all HR managers’ nightmare. One can almost never bring it to 0%. Each employee is bound to resign one day or other. It is important to see how long one works with you. Longer they serve better are your working conditions!

    There are many reasons for attrition. Employee Database is what attributes a lot to attrition.

Employee database leakage - Can you stop it?

    Let’s see how the employee list can get out of the company.

       HR staff: The chances are high as they have the LIST, the total list with access to personal details. Can you stop it? HR department gets thousands of resumes and only few are selected. Many HR recruiters may secretly keep a copy of all the resumes as that is their strength and base to perform in the next company. I heard a HR executive boasting he has a personal collection of 100,000 resumes!!!

       IT Staff: The guys who maintain the database. Database administrators are in a strategic position. They have access to all the information and can compile a list of emails in no time. I bet you can not trace them as they are the masters of the network.

      Ex-Employees: If a person resigns, he generally knows who are the good people in this company and generally recommend their names under referral schemes in the new company. They do it either to make some extra income or to get better pay packet for the friend in your company.

     Team Leaders: When a Team Leader leaves, he would know the best guys and with he/she was very comfortable. He/she would certainly await the opportunity to pull the guys he/she needs when required in the new company to build his base.

     Vendors with HR: If you have outsourced any work of HR- say Resume sorting/managing, pay roll, attendance recording, credit card payments, travel arrangements etc, you are exposed. We need to build a strong relationship with the vendors, so that they do not share the data with any one. These companies depend on the trust of the clients. If they sell the list and if it is known to the world, they may lose all their business. A company which buys a list from such a vendor would make sure not to give any business back to that vendor.

       Offshore centers: When you place a huge team at a customer premises, ensure that your agreement covers a clause ‘Shall not offer employment to the vendor/contractor’s employees working directly or indirectly for ___  years’. While some companies were hesitant to expose their best staff, it is not really possible to hold them too long if you are not taking care of them well.

      Email system: And the biggest list ever available is your email list on Exchange server. An internal telephone directory is an easy way to hand off crucial contact information to competitors.

      Invites for Seminars: Many companies invite people for free seminars. Many of your employees may attend them. And then this event management company is happily compiling a database of candidates! That list may reach a man power consultant in course of time.

     The opportunists: These can be any employee with access or has good relationship with the people with database access. If you are a good friend of the IT person who has access to the database, our friend may ask IT chap for a list of employees , telling him that, he needs to send a personal invitation for his/her marriage or house warming ceremony or some story! Our IT friend may not suspect the motive and may pass on the list. Instruct the employees in charge not to loosely circulate the lists.

    Body shoppers and Man power consultants are very smart and they have ways and means to compile a list of good employees. In fact when a company needs a person, placement consultants ask the client about the companies from where they would like to take in (choice of the company to poach!)

    Generally the employee database leakage is through Email & internet. Unfortunately one can not do much as we are dependent on these two and can not restrict the usage of the same. Even if we restrict, people find ways to smuggle the list.

    Provide better environment to the employees and have recognition/remuneration provisions, so that they stay longer with you.

You are bound to lose some employees.  Try to tighten the loose ends.

    You can not stop the lists going out. You can at-least restrict.