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Back Office Outsourcing  


  Back office Outsourcing processing is larger area covering many smaller outsourced activities. The company activities can be broadly divided into  the following:

  Core business ( where the employees  actually contribute the product/service of the company)

  Back office ( where the support staff takes care of both the above)

  Facilities  ( infrastructure maintenance.)


All the processes that do not contribute directly to the core business area  can be outsourced so that   greater focus is maintained on the core products and services.  This also helps to  leverage the best practices in the areas with the help of the outsourced partner which are your core strength.


Some of these  Back office outsourcing processes are :


HR Services


Benefits Administration

Employee HR Help Desk

Payroll Processing

Claims Processing

Recruitment/Resume Data Mgmt


Finance and Accounts


Accounts Payable

Accounts Receivable


General Ledger

Fixed Assets

Travel & Entertainment


Sales & Marketing


Rebate Processing

Loyalty Program

Lead Generation

Order Processing

Returns Tracking




Record & Data Maintenance

Document Verification

Product Registration

Warranty Processing