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Billing  Outsourcing  


All  businesses depend on billing.  It is handled differently in every company, depending on industry, class of customers, type of products etc. Whether your billing needs are quite specific to your industry or general, there are companies that handle your  billing needs in the most efficient and accurate manner.

   Generation of Invoices through computer is a very old process. With internet , it has become easier to send the invoices across securely. Lot of software vendors offer  excellent billing solutions and  they also manage the whole service. This software takes care of advanced billing, customer care and management information systems. This software can take care of subscriber billing and service support, automation of subscriber activation, remittance processing, collections, data retrieval and reporting, electronic funds transfer, credit management, inventory management and data archiving. The vendors of this kind of service will have their own state-of-the-art data centers and staffed with  hundreds of professionals.


1.      Customer  Billing

2.      Vendor Billing

3.       Maintenance of billing periods

4.      Billing schedules

5.      Billing reports

6.        Physical posting  of bills ,if required.