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 Data Center Outsourcing


  Data is a crucial aspect of all organizational operations.  Organizations tend to be very protective of their data. If the organization has good infrastructure and people, they can manage the data in their own premises. However, with ever growing data holding requirements, it is practically impossible for companies to manage the data themselves. Hence the data center concept came into existence.

  A data centre is a facility used for housing a large number of servers /computers, communications equipment along with other computer related equipment. As the name implies, a data centre is usually maintained by an organization for the purpose of handling the data necessary for its operations. The data center must therefore keep high standards of integrity and functionality of its hosted server/computer environment.

  Data center outsourcing enables internal resources to concentrate on larger picture, where as the data center outsourced partner takes care of routing work.

  The most commonly encountered types of data center outsourcing include:

  1. Web-site management.
  2. E-mail hosting and wireless messaging.
  3. Application hosting
  4. Storage services such as backup, off-site storage, and recovery.

  Data center operations depend on the Network and hence the need to focus on network:

  • Connectivity
  • Network management
  • ISP co-ordination
  • Asset management
  • Advanced Internet and VPN solutions. 
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Network backup and recovery.
  • Network availability
  • Performance monitoring.

  Another critical issue is Security Services

  • Strict control on physical access
  • Strict control on all logins
  • Wide Area Network perimeter defense
  • Firewalls
  • Regular WAN perimeter vulnerability scanning
  • Host based intrusion sensors
  • Log monitoring
  • Antivirus scanning
  • Apply Patches to all the OS/software as released by the vendors

The advantages are :

  • Cheaper

  • High scalability

  • 24/7 service

  • High level of Service level agreements ( SLA )

  • On-demand service delivery and load balancing.

  • Specialists in  data handling take care of your requirement

   The most critical is the recovery service of the data center. Hence the datacenters offer to test Recovery of outsourcing services every three to four months. However, an customized solution also can be provided and tested to improve recoverability.