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 Data Entry Outsourcing



    Data Entry outsourcing is one of the oldest in the areas of outsourcing. When banks started computerizing, they found tons of sheets that are to be captured into the database. When  you computerize, all new data is captured in the database.  How to get the old data that was in print media. Hence the need arose for data Entry. It was noticed that the costs are high if one does themselves. Enterprising people have come out with an idea to place people in the bank premises itself to  do the data entry. Sine then it has gone a long way. Now the data of doctors, lawyers, publishers is stored on a central server.

    Some time the customer scans the hardcopy and uploads the images to the server. Technologies like Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) Optical Mark Recognition ( OMR) are generally used to automate the capture of typed characters, handwriting or "marked" data. The output data is formatted to the required specifications  or can be posted in a database .This data then is  transmitted electronically through internet.

Some Data Capture Solutions consist of:

  • Data entry  from paper
  • Data extraction from image
  • Data extraction from microfiche & film
  • OCR, OMR & IMR scanning
  • Real-time data entry Less than 30 minute turnaround times
  • Conversion of hardcopy and electronic feeds to e-book formats