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Engineering Outsourcing  


 Engineering  Outsourcing may have begun with CAD/CAM  outsourcing. But then now the entire designs are being done at a geographically different location. VLSI design is being done  remotely.  Aerospace, automotive and industrial products are likely to follow suit. There are some companies that outsource the design of packing material to India , then the design is sent across to UK where it is approved and  produced.

  There are many products that are exclusively manufactured for American companies in China or Malta , particularly toys etc. Similarly textiles and chemicals. Basically it is a decision to make or buy! Currently most of the design work being outsourced is for the current product line. In future the trend will turn produce new products from outsourced location.

 The advantages of outsourcing engineering :

  You may have the best Engineers , but what if you get a new project and can you hire good Engineers quickly and for a short term ? The problems can be addressed by Engineering outsourcing. The vendor generally addresses both by delivering your project on time and on budget.

  The vendor specializes in the field you operate and  extends problem-solving experience. The Vendor also generally allows direct access to the Engineering team leader of the client, which enables transparency and better communication.

 Some possible  Engineering outsourcing :

 Assembly line design, build or relocation

 Engineering analysis

 Engineering project management

 Engineering services

 Exterior Automotive Lighting

 Fixture Design

 Full service engineering

 Gage Design

 Industrial Engineering

 Lean Manufacturing & Engineering

 Manufacturing Equipment design & build

 Materials development

 Medical Devices Design

 Mold Design

 New Product Development

 New Technology Application Development

 Plastic injection mold design

 Process equipment design

 Product development

 Product engineering

 Product feasibility drawings/sketches

 Tool design and build

 Tooling design & engineering

 Trim Die design

 Turnkey Engineering Program Services