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Manufacturing Outsourcing



Manufacturing is very difficult. One needs to concentrate on designs , take care of facilities/infrastructure, manpower and then raw materials. Many components that go into the final equipment can be considered as semi finished components If you take a computer, there are many parts populated mother board, SMPS, Hard disks, memories, cabinets, etc. One way is to manufacture your own  mother boards and buy all the other items and assemble the computer. Once this is done successfully , you may look for a vendor who can start manufacturing the same exactly as you do.  This enables you to think of new designs, R & D etc.   Similarly many components of automobile industry are outsourced. However, when you outsource you manufacturing, dedicate a quality control team to ensure that all standards are met by the vendor. Some areas are :

1.      Complete product manufacturing

2.      component manufacturing

3.      Populating printed circuit boards

4.      R & D products