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Marketing  Outsourcing


  Marketing Outsourcing is the utilization of a marketing expert without needing to add your own marketing employees.

   Every company needs marketing people and very rarely you find people in the same company for more than 2-3 years. Then the company has to train more people. Outsourcing provides an efficient alternative by offering the company flexibility of controlling the marketing function.  With the outsourced company one can decide how much time and money it wants to allocate for the marketing effort of a product.

  Marketing is not only selling. It is also advertising, packaging and sales promotion.  And I am sure every one agrees that marketing is crucial for any company

  The Benefits Of Marketing Outsourcing

  1. Reduce manpower in the company
  2. Professional marketing expertise of a third party at your disposal.
  3. Control amount of time and costs you want to spend on marketing
  4. Third party provider comes with better ideas due to their experience

Who  Can Benefit ?

  • Small and medium sized organizations without a formal, internal marketing set-up.
  • Large organizations who are downsizing or rapidly growing.

Areas :

    1. Legal services
    2. Financial institutions
    3. Health care providers
    4. Insurance companies
    5. Human resource providers
    6. Consumer product companies
    7. Entertainment sector
    8. Trading  companies
    9. All kind of manufacturers.