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Medical Transcription Outsourcing  


 Medical transcription is the process of converting a health care providerís dictated or  handwritten  notes and/or prescriptions into accurate, readable records.

  These are basically maintain the archives and as a reference to the history of a patient. These are  very useful for Insurance and legal purposes.

  The typical users who adopt Medical transcription outsourcing are :

   Healthcare institutions, doctors, laboratories, radiology and pathology departments, insurance companies, medical libraries, government medical facilities, rehabilitation centers, legal offices, research centers, veterinary medical facilities etc

 How it works?

  Health care institution or the doctor records on a tape or on a digital system. These files are stored on a server.  A new system also allows doctors to call a toll free telephone line and dictate the message. This  message is then is converted and stored in the dedicated server on a real time basis.

  The  transcription company connects to this server through a secure connection ( so that no one can misuse this data) and downloads the available files. The transcription company may have different  processes  to process analog voice file or digital voice files. Generally the people who do the transcription   use  earphones and a foot pedal for start-stop control. They type as they hear in the software provided.

  Some companies have sophisticated software to check the medical terminology /grammar/spellings. The quality control is done by the people who have medical industry back ground. Some times  the Doctors themselves look into the data.

   Once this is done, the files are uploaded for the use of client.


  The material transcribed may include 

  • patient history and physical reports
  • diagnosis
  • clinic/lab notes
  • doctorís opinions
  • operative reports
  • consultation notes
  • discharge summaries
  • any other document related to doctors or health care institution.