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Recruitment Outsourcing



 Human resources are the key to any organization. HR department’s primary role is to find the right candidates for  each and every position in the organization.  Many people are to be scanned to select one and the process is very tedious. Presuming that a company wants to recruit people from multiple cities and the limited HR staff  traveling all over to conduct screening , interviewing and selecting them.  Many  Companies now specialize in recruitment process offer their services to scan the resumes, short-list,  administer an assessment and/or interview  the  job seekers. One  a few selected ones are referred to the organization for final interview and the job offer letter. Many vendors even run some ‘events’ to screen the job aspirants in large numbers. Recruitment outsourcing may include

    1. Collecting resumes
    2. Scanning resumes
    3. Short list the candidates
    4. Assess the candidates
    5. Interviewing candidates
    6. Check the credentials