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 Market is hot for  SAP consultants and it is difficult to maintain good SAP resources as they keep getting more and more job offers as they get more experienced. There are many companies that specialize in SAP implementation. These companies charge Installation charges. After you go live, you still need to maintain the system and may need an ABAP programmer to change or add a report.  While you can recruit an ABAP programmer , if he/she leaves, the work is likely to suffer.  If you outsource the management/maintenance of your SAP infrastructure to  a software vendor, they take care of the attrition etc, and provide you interrupt free service. This also has an advantage as these consultants are exposed to many organizations and are generally aware of best practices in SAP and would add value to your process. Some work could be outsourced after the implementation is completed:

1.      ABAP programming for some reports

2.      Customization of smaller processes

3.      Integrating with vendor / client systems that may be required as special cases