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 Network Security

   Network plays a major role in an organization and the computer software systems fail as the data may be stored on different servers on the network.

  These policies and procedures shall include infrastructure management processes, change management processes. As more organizations are going wireless, the organizations must address wireless networking as well as the conventional Local Area network.

  Consider using Firewalls either software of hardware. Implement industry standard authentication and encryption methods and perform a self-audit on a regular basis to locate any unauthorized devices.

   The software vendors, both OS and application vendors, continuously upgrade their software by providing patches for the security faults found in their software. These patches are made available free of cost by these vendors. You are expected to update the same once they are available on the net. Ensure that all your software is updated with the latest patches.

   Virus is another culprit, which is an unwelcome guest and tries to damage the data within the organization and some times alter the data. Some virus may send data outside with out proper identification or with stolen Ids. Ensure virus free environment and discourage users to bring in any unwanted software or games into the organization.

   Web Browser and E-mail Client security shall be addressed carefully. All software used to access through the Internet shall be approved by an authorized agency. All files received through internet shall automatically be scanned for any virus traces and clean the same, if found infected. The administrator may be authorized either to reject the mail or delete the mail or delete only the attachment as per the policy.

    If you require some people to have Remote access Service (RAS) of Web servers  either for the marketing people on the move or the people who operate from the houses,  take extra care in creating permissions.  There is considerable risk in this if RAS is not configured properly.