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  Personnel Security

   All organizations shall develop, document, and implement policies and procedures for the selection/recruitment, orientation, training and supervision of employees who have access to the organizationís IT resources. This is to ensure that a high level of integrity and satisfactory staff conduct is achieved and maintained, and to promote an awareness of security matters in the organization.

  While recruiting an employee, you must have screened the resume and the qualifications. However reference checks and background investigations may have to be done as a routine exercise through a third party agency that specializes in background checks.

  Security awareness training shall be a part of training when an employee joins the organization. It is always advisable to conduct an annual training security awareness program for the current employees to make them aware of the changes in the security environment and the care that has to be take care of.

  Sanctions for security violations must be made very clear to the employees.

  The organization shall clearly document the processes for employees when separating from service.